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GASBANK // Superlight Composite Gas Cylinders
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SINGLE 11 kg – LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder – DIN (G12 KLF) Inlet/Outlet

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GasBank SINGLE 11kg – Refillable LPG Gas Cylinder – Lightweight Composite with Overfill Protection Valve – DIN (G12 KLF) Inlet/Outlet

Refillable gas cylinder for LPG storage uded for BBQ, camping, cooking, heating at home, on campervan, caravan, motorhome, boat, for industrial burners and blowtorches or any application where the standard LPG bottle can be used.

Cylinder is made from lightweight composite material for durability and high protection demands, net weight of 11KG cylinder is only 5.51KG.

Cylinder is equipped with most common in Europe G12 inlet – outlet valve with rubber sealing, known also as KLF – Kleinflashe (G.12). Valve thread is W 21.8 x 1/14 lh. This type of valve is used in countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Valve in opposite to standard bottles have unique build in OPD device to make safe refilling at any LPG station possible.

Automatic OPD valve (Overfill Protection Device) which automatically stops refilling pump when the gas level reaches 80%.

Cylinders with refilling adapters for different countries are available on the website as a different products.

All GasBank cylinders are designed and produced in accordance with Directive 2010/35/UE. They all have the π safety mark issued by TÜV

Main advantages of composite cylinder:

  • Safe refuelling propane butane cylinder for cooking, heating and many more, thanks to overfill protection valve
  • Ultra low weight
  • No rust
  • Explosion proof in fire
  • Great look
  • Easy gas level control, transparent walls
  • Cleaning and painting is not required


Height (mm) 384 468 571
Diameter (mm) 310 310 310
Empty Weight (kg) 3.4 4.1 5
LPG Capacity (approx litres) 9.5 14.5 19.5
Propane Capacity (kg) 5 7.5 11
Water Content (L) 12.5 18.2 24.5

Refilling procedure:

  1. Install and hand tight filling adapter. Note: rotate anticlockwise to screw adapter in.
  2. Make sure that the bottle is standing vertically and it is levelled.
  3. Connect refilling gun – align nozzle with lugs, twist clockwise and secure lever.
  4. Open gas valve – you will hear small amount of gas transferring to the bottle – this is normal.
  5. Hold refuelling button until pump stops.
  6. Fully close the valve, slowly release the leaver, disconnect filling nozzle and you are good to go!

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 57.1 × 29.2 × 31.0 cm
Cylinder Type


Cylinder Size

Large – 11kg

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