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GASBANK // Superlight Composite Gas Cylinders


Can I refuel at gas stations in Poland / Europe?

YES. The cylinders have a special valve limiting the filling to 80%, which allows safe refueling of LPG at each station.

Does the product has a safety certificate?

YES. The tanks are made in accordance with Directive 2010/35 / EU and ISO 11119-3: 2013, ADR 2019. They have a π safety mark supervised by TÜV.

What is the cylinder mounting method?

SINGLE cylinders do not require specialized installation, they should be placed vertically and secured with a band / clamp. MULTI cylinders can be used with an internal filler suitable for autogas, although the installation of this filler is very simple, it is recommended to install it by the autogas installer.

What is the difference between SINGLE and MULTI cylinders?

MULTI cylinders have a separate gas inlet with a non-return valve and a separate outlet to the regulator, they are also equipped with a level indicator, manual shut-off valve, separate inlet and outlet. SINGLE cylinders are equipped with one connection being both the inlet and outlet of gas from the cylinder. Both types of cylinders are equipped with safety relief valves.

How does the MULTI cylinder work?

MULTI cylinders can be filled via the remote refueling valve or adapters screwed directly onto the cylinder.

How to fill the MULTI bottle?

MULTI cylinders can be filled via the remote refueling valve or adapters screwed directly onto the cylinder

Where can I buy cylinders?

We encourage you to shop at, and / or at distributors

Are cylinders available in stationary stores?

Possibility of purchase in Warsaw (by appointment) and / or from a distributor

What materials is GasBank made of?

The cylinders are made of ultra-light composite in a fiberglass matrix, which allows gas to be stored safely under pressure up to 30 atmospheres, however, as required, the cylinders have relief valves when the pressure exceeds 27 atmospheres inside the cylinder (for details see page SPECIFICATION)

How to connect a cylinder, e.g. with a stove, fridge, heating?

The output of both SINGLE and MULTI cylinders is equipped with a G.12 thread the same as in standard gas cylinders used in Poland (reducers available in DIY stores) or at

Are cylinders inspected? When?

YES. Cylinders are subject to periodic inspections every 10 years (according to P200, item 9, ADR / RID: 2017)

Where can the cylinder be inspected?

Inspection applications will be accepted at

Do I have to disconnect the output during gas refilling in Gasbank MULTI?

It is not necessary to disconnect the MULTI cylinder from the installation during filling, it is recommended to close the outlet valve (blue) but it is not necessary.

What is the warranty period ?

24 months

Can I use MULTI GasBank as a cylinder with 2 gas outlets?

Both MULTI and SINGLE cylinders have a single gas outlet which can be separated depending on the needs behind the regulator. Distributors available on and

Which adapters are included?

Adapters are available for filling cylinders throughout Europe. On the PRODUCTS page, we provide lists and description of the adapters. Please read the list.

Can GasBank and conventional LPG bottles be combined?

Yes, apart from the safe filling option, GasBank cylinders can be treated as standard cylinders.

How can I insert a filter into GasBank? Do I need additional equipment?

The ceramic liquid gas linear filter can be used on the cylinder supply line.

How to connect Gasbank directly to a caravan (mono / duocontrol)?

Connecting the GasBank cylinder from the output side is no different from connecting standard gas cylinders.

Can GasBank be used for gas cylinder-based cooking?


Can I buy a gas pressure gauge for SINGLE GasBank?

Yes. There are regulators equipped with a pressure gauge (30 mbar) enabling gas level control in SINGLE cylinders.

Are GasBank available in other colors?

No, we currently offer cylinders only in red.

Is there any danger if I want to fill my GasBank with poropane, if before it was filled with LPG or water?

LPG is a mixture of propane and butane, each of these gases in any proportions can be safely stored in GasBank cylinders.